Solutions for our clients

Tailormade solutions on EPS or EPC basis

Noram International offers complete and tailor-made solutions for the sulfuric acid, sulfur dioxide and paper & pulp industries. Noram’s unique product and service offering is based on leading technology and a continuous effort to develop new and innovative solutions, tailored to customer needs. The combination of process technology and services is based on a high level of technical know-how. Noram International delivers both EPS and EPC with complete solutions in factory.

Sulphuric Acid

NORAM provides innovative process technology, engineering and equipment to metallurgical, sulfur-burning and acid regeneration acid plants. NORAM’s equipment and systems, reduce environmental emissions, increase energy efficiency , increase capacity and improve plant reliability of plants of all scales around the world.

NORAM specializes in all aspects of sulfuric acid manufacture and abatement of SO2 containing gases from industrial sources. Technologies pioneered by NORAM have enabled sulfuric acid producers around the globe to extend the life of existing facilities, improve operating economics, and cost-effectively meet more stringent environmental emission standards. Our capabilities encompass plant design, systems design, optimization and debottlenecking studies, supply of equipment, and design and engineering of integrated acid plants.

Sulphur Dioxide

With more than 180 plants installed all over the world – the Cellchem sulphur burning plants are one of the most used technologies for production of sulphur dioxide (SO2). Available standard capacities range from 0.5 to 100 metric tons of sulphur burned per day and the design can be tailored to produce several downstream SO2 products. NORAM acquired this industry-leading SO2 – technology from Akzo Nobel (Eka Engineering) in 2013.

The demand for locally produced SO2 is increasing following the more stringent safety considerations related to transportation, storage and use of liquid SO2 applied in many countries. At NORAM we are dedicated to continuing the supply and support of this well proven, reliable and compact Cellchem sulphur burning technology.

Pulp & Paper

NORAM offers a broad range of specialty technologies to the forest products industry. Our P&P Division has two key focus areas: the downstream beneficiation of forest products to extract increased value, and in System Closure methodologies, targeting chemical recovery and zero-effluent strategies.

NORAM’s proprietary LignoForce™ process for recovering high-purity lignin from kraft black liquor, and innovative process technologies for producing crystalline nano-cellulose (CNC) are industry-leading technologies pioneered for the value-added sector.