NORAM Products

Sulphuric Acid

NORAM SX™ Valves

The NORAM valves are delivered ready for installation and operation.
The valve assemblies are delivered factory tested as complete units with actuators, positioners and accessories.

DN 80 – DN 500, ANSI 3” – 20”
DN 450 – DN 750, NPS 18-30

NORAM SX™ Piping

NORAM SX™ standard pipes and fittings are available from stock, or are custom-made. The standard range of pipe and fittings covers sizes from 1” (DN25) to 24” (DN600), with larger sizes available on request. Piping systems can be supplied as well.

Special parts such as Strainers, Vortex breakers, Thimbles, Thermo-wells and Dip Pipes are also available.

NORAM SX™ Plates

The following NORAM SX™ plates are available from stock:

Plate Thickness 3, 4, 6, 8 mm
 2000 x 6000 mm

Plate Thickness 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 mm
 2000 x 3000 mm

Other plate sizes are available on request. 

Welding Material

We have the following welding material for SX™ welding available from stock:

2.0, 2.4, 3.25 mm, 5kg/package

0.9, 1.14, 1.6 mm, 15 kg/package

Welding Electrodes, SMAW
2.5 mm, 3.6 kg/package
3.25 mm, 4.1 kg/package

SX™ Tubes

The Sandvik SX™ seamless tubes are the ideal choice for an Alloy Acid Cooler. We have tubes of dimension 19.05 x 1.25 mm with lengths up to 12 m available from stock.

Trough Acid Distributors

The NORAM SX™ Trough acid distributor is a high efficiency design with very uniform and well-dispersed acid distribution. Troughs with evenly spaced downcomer tubes distribute the acid through gravity flow into the packing for optimum performance and minimal spray formation.

Pipe Acid Distributors

The NORAM SX™ Pipe acid distributor is a cost-effective design with very reliable performance. An acid headers, and pipe arms with orifices, distribute the acid on top of the packing. Attention is paid to minimize gas velocity and acid-spray formation.

SMART™ Acid Distributors

The SMART™ acid distributor is a proprietary, multipurpose design comprised of radial pipes equipped with FEP downcomer tubes. The design provides a flexible, uniform acid flow, minimizing gas flow restriction and acid-spray formation.

Alloy Acid Coolers

NORAM SX™ acid coolers provide a very simple, reliable and low-maintenance solution for acid cooling, since the excellent corrosion resistance of NORAM SX™ eliminates the need for anodic protection. In combination with other carefully selected alloys, it also allows of the use of a variety of other cooling media.

Alloy Towers

The reduced tower diameter, or optional increased capacity reduced pressure drop is an attractive benefit compared to brick lined towers.

Alloy vessels are considerably lighter, with smaller footprint, reducing the cost   for foundations and facility installation

NORAM HP™ Saddle Packing

The high performance packing allows for a further reduction of the tower diameter or provides increased capacity. Complemented with a Noram SX™ acid distributor and tower internals Noram provides a complete high performance tower solution.

Alloy Pump Tanks

 Traditional brick lined tanks can be replaced with smaller vessels by using Alloy steel.

Small and medium size tanks can be shop fabricated and shipped to site reducing installation work and shut down time to a minimum.

Sulphur Dioxide

Sulphur Guns

Our Sulphur Guns are reliable and efficient. The molten Sulphur is introduced into the combustion chamber in atomised form by using compressed air.

The Sulphur Guns are avilable in a wide range of sizes.  

CELLCHEM Cyclone Flame™ Sulphur Furnaces

The Cellchem CF Furnaces are ideal for narrow spaces and include a Sulphur Gun Station and Combustion Chamber.

Available Sizes:
0.5-4 MTPD
1-8 MTPD

CELLCHEM Spiral Flame™ Sulphur Furnaces

With more than 150 installations, our Cellchem SF Furnaces are well-proven. The SF Furnace includes a Sulphur Gun Station, Combustion Chamber and After-Burner Chamber.

The SF Furnaces are designed with capacities between 5-100 MTPD.

Heat Recovery

For larger sulphur burning capacities, it is often economical to recover heat formed in the combustion reaction. This is done by passing the hot SO2 gas from the furnace through a waste heat boiler, generating steam. The steam produced amounts to approx. 2.8 ton steam per ton sulphur.

Pulp and Paper


The CleanFlow™ System is a technology to increase the production of a kraft mill recausticizing plant, reduce purchased lime costs and eliminate polymer costs. Crossflow ceramic membranes are used to filter a portion of the green liquor to less than 5 ppm TSS, debottlenecking the existing green liquor clarifiers / filters. CleanFlow™ can also be implemented to filter white liquor

Precipitator Dust Purification™ (PDPTM)

High chloride concentrations cause recovery boiler plugging leading to reduced steam generation and expensive shutdowns. High potassium concentrations can contribute to corrosion in high pressure boilers. The PDP™ system provides a chloride removal efficiency of >95% along with a sulfate and carbonate recovery of >95%, while the potassium removal efficiency is capable of meeting the requirements of new high-pressure boilers.


NORAM and FPInnovations have jointly developed a process to recover lignin from black liquor, creating a new high value revenue stream while providing incremental pulp production. The LignoForce™ process utilizes existing mill infrastructure resulting in low impact integration. The heart of the process is the patented black liquor oxidation step which reduces CO2 usage, produces low odor product, improves filtration rates, and practically eliminates H2S hazards.


The Clean Combustion Lime Kiln Burners can be designed to combust up to five different fuels in one single, controllable flame, enabling an optimised combustion. If desired, we can supply a complete system including burner,  Burner Management System (BMS), Burner Safety System (BSS), valve station and air fans. 


The Clean Combustion Incinerators are designed to combust gases and liquids such as Concentrated and Diluted Non-Condensable Gases (CNCG & DNCG), Stripper Off Gases (SOG), Methanol and Turpentine to combine them into one single, controllable, flame. In addition to valve stations, BMS, BSS and fans, we can also supply the combustion chamber and steam boiler.


The Clean Combustion Start- and Load Burners are tailormade to enable a perfect fit into an existing boiler. The unique nozzle design allows for a trouble-free combustion of biofuels varying in composition. BMS, BSS and valve station can of course be supplied as well.