Noram SX™

Acid-resistant steel for extreme conditions

NORAM SX™ is our exclusive product in the segment of austenitic stainless steels, derived from UNS S32615. Developed by Sandvik, this unique alloy is optimized to handle demanding applications involving concentrated sulfuric acid at high temperatures. The NORAM SX alloy has established itself as the industry standard for the production of concentrated sulfuric acid, delivering unmatched performance for over 35 years and resulting in an impressive and reliable track record.

The NORAM SX™ alloy has proven to be a benchmark within the industry, offering numerous advantages compared to other construction materials. Its properties and robustness enable optimal performance in challenging environments. Its exceptional ability to withstand high temperatures and concentrated sulfuric acid makes the alloy a top choice for industries where reliability and durability are paramount. The success of NORAM SX™ lies not only in its technical superiority but also in its ability to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

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The corrosion rates for NORAM SX™ are practically nil in the typical operating range of the acid plant circuits. Corrosion properties are equally good for the base material and the welds, also under dynamic conditions.
NORAM SX™ is readily workable and matching welding consumables are available for GTAW, GMAW and SMAW processes.
NORAM SX™ is available from stock in a large variety of forms, such as plate, tube, pipes, fittings, wire, bar and welding consumables.
Approvals: ASME II, Part D
      ASME VIII, Div, 1